Ethics Committee

The SPS Ethics Committee was founded in 2006 based on a resolution by the General Assembly. The SPS standing Ethics Committee is a self-augurated body which establishes normative principles with the objective to screen psychological research under consideration of ethical aspects. The SPS Ethics Committee supports Swiss Universities with the foundation of own ethical committees to safeguard an ethical realization of research projects.

The Ethics Committee is an independent body of the Swiss Psychological Society. It serves as a contact for the Swiss National Science Foundation (research-oriented), as a consultative body for the ethics committees of other subjects, the national Academies of Sciences as well as national and cantonal political authorities (policy-oriented) and as an expert panel for consultations in the case of appeals to the decisions of local or cantonal ethics committees (second opinion council). It takes on strategic roles on behalf of the SPS to further develop psychological research in Switzerland as a central discipline in social sciences and humanities. Moreover, it operates on specifically defined tasks, e.g. reviewing multicentric research proposals in psychological research; developing criteria for the inclusion of psychologists into cantonal ethics committees.


Members of the Ethic Commitee